Jaeckle, MelanieMy name is Mrs. Jaeckle. I received my Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Early Childhood Education at the University at Buffalo in NY. While I was obtaining my Masters, I was working as a preschool/pre-k teacher for 3 years at a daycare center. Once I received my Masters, my husband and I moved to Las Vegas in 2016 so I can begin my teaching career in the public schools. Currently,I have been teaching first grade for 2 years!

I’ve wanted to become a teacher since I was a kid. I come from a huge Hispanic family so I was always surrounded by children. I enjoyed teaching them the simplest thing and watching them grow. Soon enough, I knew that teaching was going to be the path for me. I truly love what I do and I hope that I can keep teaching for years to come!
Melanie Jaeckle
First Grade Teacher

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