Medication Must Be Brought To Health Office

Many children take medication during school hours.  For your child’s safety, students in grades PK-5 will have medications administered and stored in the health office. A Medication Release (CCF 643) may be obtained from the health office.  This release must be turned in before the medication can be given to your child.  Prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication must be prescribed by a licensed health care provider.  Homeopathic remedies must meet legal guidelines for administration in school and be reviewed and approved for administration by the CCSD Medical Director.

Controlled substances, like medications prescribed for pain or ADD/ADHD, may not be carried by students and must be maintained and administered in the health office.

Students in grades K-12 may self-medicate with prescribed medication for asthma or severe allergic reactions per NRS 392.425. A Request to Authorize Student Self-Administration of Prescribed Medication for Asthma/Anaphylaxis (HS 96) must be completed by the parent/guardian AND licensed health care provider and returned to the health office.

Students who self-medicate are NOT monitored by the health office personnel or school nurse.