Important Information

Severe food allergies can be life-threatening.  Notify your School Nurse immediately if your child has a known severe food allergy.  If your child has an epi-pen or other required medication, licensed health care provider orders are required.  Call your School Nurse to determine the school policy for classroom snacks and lunchroom procedures.

Stock Epinephrine

A severe allergic reaction may occur in a child who has no known allergies. To treat a severe allergic reaction, injectable epinephrine is used.  According to Nevada law, all CCSD schools must maintain at least two doses of injectable epinephrine, which are readily available during regular school hours.  If epinephrine is administered to your child, a parent or guardian will be notified/activation of EMS will occur per district PUB 648, First Aid & Emergency Guidelines for School Personnel.  Your child may be transported to a hospital by ambulance based on EMS protocol.